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IG-100205 Freedom Flies
French Fries
Price: $15.00
IG-100305 Best Teacher's Mark
Pencil Ornament
Price: $9.00

IG-100403 Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games
Price: $17.00
IG-100603 Leading the Nation
Uncle Sam
Price: $19.00

IG-100903 Generosity A Foot
Generosity A Foot
Price: $17.00
IG-101103 Spirit of the Season
Spirit of the Season
Price: $22.00

IG-101207 Yes Virgina
Glass Yes Virgina
Price: $36.00
IG-102007 Holiday Greeters
Glass Holiday Greeters
Price: $12.00

IG-102305 Ringing Santa
Ringing Santa
Price: $22.00
IG-102604 Fawn's Friend
Fawn's Friend
Price: $23.00

IG-102607 Wonderland Haus
Glass Wonderland Haus
Price: $18.00
IG-103003 Dutch Delight
Dutch Mill
Price: $14.00

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