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ER-2149 Praying for Peace
Praying for Peace
Price: $70.00
ER-2171 Let Freedom Ring
Let Freedom Ring
Price: $50.00

ER-2172 America's Spirit
America's Spirit
Price: $50.00
ER-2173 Star Spangle
Star Spangle
Price: $50.00

ER-2176 Becky's Goose
With Goose
Price: $40.00
ER-2189 Polar Ride
Riding Polar Bear
Price: $50.00

ER-2233 Snow Treats
Sitting On Snowballs
Price: $50.00
ER-2235 Sledding Angel
On Sled
Price: $50.00

ER-2269 Follow Me
Snow Child with Penguins
Price: $50.00
ER-2278 Christmas Fairy
Christmas Fairy
Price: $50.00

ER-2287 All Tied Up
All Tied Up
Price: $56.00
ER-2291A Snow Child Girl
Snow Child Girl
Price: $130.00

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