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ER-1700 Halloween Box
Witch on Decorated Box
Price: $40.00
ER-476 Jack-O-Lantern
Snow Child with Orange Paper Mache Pumpkin
Price: $50.00

ER-477 Pumpkin
Sitting on Paper Mache Pumpkin
Price: $50.00
ER-478 Halloween Kitty
Sitting on Black Mache Kitty/Pumpkin
Price: $50.00

ER-483 Boo
Snow Child Popping out of Paper Mache Pumpkin
Price: $50.00
ER-484 Scared Cat
Snow Child with Cat on Fence
Price: $50.00

ER-485 Witches Fly
10" Witch Holding Broomstick
Price: $70.00
ER-486 Trick or Treat
14" Holding Candy Bucket
Price: $110.00

ER-488 Pumpkin Surprise
In Festooned Paper Mache Pumpkin
Price: $40.00
ER-490 Boo Kitty
Snow Child in Paper Mache Lantern
Price: $110.00

ER-493 Endora
9" Holding Pumkpin
Price: $70.00
ER-494 Midnight Ride
Snow Child on Black Cat (14 inches)
Price: $110.00

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