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OWC-01003 Singing Angel
Singing Angel
Price: $21.00
OWC-02402 Cardinal Snowman
Cardinal Snowman
Price: $24.00

OWC-02406 Chickadee Snowman
Chickadee Snowman
Price: $30.00
OWC-04001 Poinsettia Santa
Poinsettia Santa
Price: $27.00

OWC-04002 Glistening Gift-Giver
Gift-Giver Santa
Price: $29.00
OWC-04004 Fire Tree Santa
Fire Tree Santa
Price: $27.00

OWC-04007 Santa with Wreath
Santa with Wreath
Price: $30.00
OWC-04014 Glistening Jolly Santa
Jolly Santa
Price: $29.00

OWC-04018 Santa with Lantern
Santa with Lantern
Price: $25.00
OWC-04021 Red Ribbon Santa
Red Ribbon Santa
Price: $34.00

OWC-04022 Winter Splendor Father Christmas
Large Splendor Father Christmas
Price: $100.00
OWC-24138 Glistening Snowflake Snowman
Glistening Snowflake Snowman
Price: $10.99

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